Relax Yoga Teachers

Not all yoga is made alike. Every yoga teacher is on their own journey, following their own path, teaching with their own style and passion. We all bring our self to our class to share with you our own interpretation of this ancient healing practice.

Tes Steele

Relax Yoga Studio Owner / Registered Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist
Teaching primarily in the tradition of Sri T. Krishnamacharya - Viniyoga

Yoga has been with me my whole life, though until I was 26 I didn’t know what yoga was much less that it what I was seeking or doing.  I intuitively collected fragments of a yoga lifestyle and practice from other sources like sport, music, poetry, art, the wondrous sounds of country silence, the biomedical study of the human body.   Sometimes I wonder what my earlier life would have been like had I understood what I was doing when I engaged in such activities to help quench my thirst for understanding and balance my energy.  Could I have escaped my anxiety?  Could my teenage years have been less awkward?  Could I have sooner let go of the fear that prevented me from participating in so many fun activities until my middle 30s?  I think perhaps yes – all of those things. But looking back is fruitless if not to appreciate the lessons of the path I have lived in coming to be the person I am today.

Today I am a Yogi.  I am free, I am playful, I am adventurous, I am loving, I am kind, I am compassionate, I am strong, I am calm, I am light hearted and I am happy.  My absolute passion is in sharing the pure joy and relaxation of yoga with people of all ages and abilities.  Much of modern culture makes little sense to me, but sharing a path to a joyous life – that makes perfect sense.  And so that is what I do.

Training and Qualifications
  • Vedic Chanting (Viniyoga Australia) (ongoing)
  • Continuing Professional Development (Viniyoga Australia) (ongoing)
  • Yoga Therapist Training Program (The Yoga Institute) (2019-2021)
  • Yoga Studies Program (Viniyoga Australia) (2019-2020)
  • Yoga Therapist Training Program Modules 1&2 (Yoga Vaidya Sala, India) (2019)
  • Foundations of Viniyoga (Australian Yoga Therapy Association) (2017)
  • Yoga Nidra Meditation (Yoga and Integrative Medicine Institute) (2016)
  • Ayurvedic Massage and Emotional Bodywork (Yoga and Integrative Medicine Institute) (2016)
  • Yoga Therapy for Kids (Zenergy Yoga for Kids) (2016)
  • Kids Yoga Foundation Course (Zenergy Yoga for Kids) (2016)
  • Healers Course (Inc. Reiki Masters & Sound Healing) (My Health Yoga) (2015)
  • Level 1 Yoga Teaching (My Health Yoga) (2014)
  • Children’s Yoga Foundation Training (Angel Yoga 4 Kids) (2013)
  • University Of Queensland – Bachelor of Science Honours (Biochemistry) (2001)
  • Flinders University of South Australia – Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science & Molecular Biology) (1998)

Belinda Cunningham

Registered Yoga Teacher - General Yoga
Teaching General Yoga - influences including Astanga and Iyengar Yoga

Yoga captivated Belinda from her very first sip when she was introduced to yoga at high school. Over the years she has found herself continuously being drawn back to her mat and enjoying the benefits of increased strength and flexibility and that feeling of relaxation and calm that she calls the ‘yoga glow’ after a class.

These days she also appreciates the deeper reflection and awareness that the practice allows as it draws the attention inward to a profound mind body connection.

Belinda has spent the past 20 years in education, so it was only natural that her love for educating and passion for yoga eventually combined.

Her classes are alignment focused, centred on the breath and cater for all levels of experience and flexibility with options offered to make yoga accessible for all bodies as every body is different.

Belinda likes to say she is a professional relaxer as she is passionate about sharing the powerful relaxation benefits of yoga and balancing an active yoga practice with a profound experience of relaxation through Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

Jane Esslemont

Registered Yoga Teacher - Dru Yoga for Women

When you discover something that is so good for you its natural to want to share it; teaching dru yoga has become as much a gift to myself as it is a gift to others – “I teach what I need to learn” is my truth.

With a background as an Occupational Therapist specialising in mental health I am passionate about the need to slow down in our busy lives, to embrace “being” rather than doing. Dru Yoga helps to bring me back to myself, the benefits have a ripple effect and offer the opportunity to come into a fresh way of being.

A pom by origin, I moved to Australia with the love of my life in 1997 following several years living and working a fun but hectic London lifestyle. Travel has been a big focus, some of the most challenging and exhilarating times of my life have been the many adventures experienced in different countries and cultures including time spent in India, the birth place of yoga.

But nothing compares to the awe and wonder of becoming a mum to my 3 beautiful children who have proved to be my greatest teachers and my inspiration for wanting to do better by them by doing better by me. As with any journey along the way there have been challenges that have helped shape my approach to life now including an illness that caused irreparable damage to my facial nerve – a potent reminder that the need to take care of myself was literally staring me in the face.

Jen Cahill

Registered Yoga Teacher
Teaching primarily in the tradition of Sri T. Krishnamacharya - Viniyoga

After practicing a variety of yoga styles over many years while pursuing a corporate career, I trained as a yoga teacher in the Krishnamacharya tradition with Viniyoga Australia. Esteemed teacher in this tradition, TKV Desikachar said we must “meet the student where they are”, meaning that one approach does not fit all and students should be offered choices based on their needs and abilities at this point in time.

My goal is to assist students to live their best lives through accessible and joy-filled yoga, regardless of age, background or ability. After completing teacher training, I’ve continued to expand my knowledge and techniques through additional studies in disciplines such as chair-based yoga, broadening the range of students able to enjoy the benefits of yoga including flexibility, balance, strength and evenness of mind.

I am a Member of Yoga Australia and am privileged to teach individual and group classes in corporate settings and aged and disability care, as well as Move and Meditate classes at Relax Yoga.

All teachers at Relax Yoga exceed the standards of training and continuing education set by Yoga Australia.