Private Yoga Sessions

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Private Yoga and Yoga Therapy

Traditionally Yoga was handed down from teacher to student in individualised settings where the teacher could respond directly to the individual needs of the student.

The benefits of individualised approach are countless, even for students who have no trouble “keeping up” in group classes.  In a private yoga session you get exactly what YOU need.

The undivided attention of the teacher to address any issues or concerns you have and to guide you to the the right modifications for you, developing a safe and beneficial practice for YOUR body and your whole constitution.

Sessions held at the Relax Yoga Studio
7/65 Milburn Street, Chermside West
Also available via Zoom

Why choose yoga, benefits of yoga

Why seek private yoga?

Private Yoga and Yoga Therapy Sessions may take on many different forms depending on the goals of the student. 

A Private Yoga session may be be used to:

  • Enjoy an exclusive yoga class with your friends or workmates
  • Enhance your general yoga practice
  • Refine technique
  • Build confidence
  • Develop your understanding of yoga


Yoga Therapy sessions can be used to address specific health concerns, such as:

  • Back and next pain
  • Excessive stiffness or body ache
  • Digestive issues
  • Balance and stability
  • Foggy mind
  • Lack of direction
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low Self Confidence
  • High Stress

In a Private Yoga or Yoga Therapy session, we will take into consideration your personal circumstances as we design specialised practices with appropriate modifications to move you from however you are, to how you seek to be.

If you seek to establish a home yoga practice, this will be designed, recorded and taught to you at your first appointment, then reviewed at subsequent appointments.  We reccomend atleast 3 appointments to establish a home practice.

Practices are designed to meet your requirements of time, energy, mobility and focus.

We set you up for success in moving towards your goals.

What to expect at your private yoga session:

The exact nature of your Private Yoga or Yoga Therapy session will depend on the on the duration and intention of your session.

Please take advantage of our FREE 15 minute consultation where we will discuss what you’re looking for and how private yoga or yoga therapy can help.

If you have booked a group yoga session it will be a relaxed class in the format decided upon in consultation prior to class.

If you are having a 1:1 session then you will be greeted by Tes upon your arrival.

We generally start by sitting down and discussing your concerns and goals before proceeding with a workshop style session.  

Yoga tools that may be applied through your sesssions include:

  • Yoga Postures and movement
  • Breathing Practices
  • Visualisation
  • Meditation
  • Intention setting
  • Mantra
  • Lifestyle modification
  • Discussion and reflection on yoga philosophy as a guide to personal development

You are able to request or decline techniques

We will always explain why something is specificly included or excluded from your practice. 


We can move, we can breathe, we can just talk...

Your Yoga Teacher


I’m Tes

I’ve been practicing Yoga for over 20 years, studying and teaching yoga for the past 10 years.

As your Yoga Teacher I am extensively trained and well-practiced in all aspects of yoga that I teach. 

I know many of the benefits of yoga first hand.

And I approach each private yoga session with a clear mind and an open heart so I’m ready to see you, to hear you and to support you.

Bachelor of Science Hons Biomed, Diploma of Yoga, Post Graduate Diploma of Yoga Therapy

Types of Private Yoga Session


Yoga Therapy

These sessions are for students seeking to establish a regular home practice for wellbeing or therapeutic purpuses.

Your Yoga Therapy practice will be specifically designed for your body, your mind, your breath, your personality, your lifestyle and your goals. 

Your yoga therapy practice will be developed and may include any aspect of yoga as it suits, including yoga postures, breathing techniques, self observation / personal development, chanting, meditation, lifestyle modifications.

Techniques will be chosen to move you specifically and concisely from where you are to where you want to be. 


Yoga Class - Just for Me

A 50-minute flowing yoga class – just like a group class but with just you (and up to 3 friends) in the room.

You’ll get a class in your choice of style that’s programmed with all your needs in mind, instructed with hands on adjustments if requested, and of course finishing with a period of relaxation meditation.

Perfect for anyone who wants to practice with a little privacy, for students with special needs and for those who require a class time that isn’t on the timetable.


New to Yoga - Confidence Builders

Great for new students who carry injury, suffer from chronic pain OR just aren’t too sure about their ability to blend in with group yoga classes!

These 1:1 session are all about you.  We’ll look at your movement, teach you basic postures and how to modify them to suit your body.  

We’ll consider any injuries and restrictions you may have and let you know what to do and what not to do. 

If your goal is to join group classes, we’ll guide you towards the classes that best suit your capabilities and goals, so you leave feeling confident and ready for ongoing practice.


Yogi Masters

These sessions are for established students who would like to delve a little deeper into yoga practice. 

Perhaps you’re interested in discussing how the philosophy applies to you.

Perhaps you’re not sure if you’re breathing well.

Perhaps you have a feeling something in your practice needs to be tweaked.

Or maybe you’d like to explore a stronger practice than is offered in group classes, so you can impress your kids by busting out a head stand…

Whatever your motivation we’d love to discuss your goals (be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) and tailor a program that’s specific to your needs. 

Private Yoga Pricing

Initial Consultation

New Students
  • single 15 minute session
  • Available via phone or Zoom


Price per session
$ 110
00 inc GST
  • single 50 minute session
  • payment may be made in advance or at the appointment


Price per session
$ 150
00 inc GST
  • single 75 minute session
  • payment may be made in advance or at the appointment

Book your appointment today

FREE 15 Minute initial consultations are available to new students.  If you would prefer to have a chat before you commit to a full session, please book an appointment time.  We will reach out via text to confirm the length of your appointment.

Yoga practice = Change for the better.