Group Yoga Classes on Brisbane Northside

with styles of yoga that everyone can do

and no more than 12 students per class

The Relax Yoga Difference - a range of small group yoga classes, experienced yoga teachers, easy peaceful space, beautiful community. Choose a yoga class to suit you.

Pictured: Belinda - General Yoga Teacher

General Yoga

Monday 7pm with Tes (from December) 
Tuesday 9am with Jen
Tuesday 6:15pm  with Mimi
Thursday 6pm with Belinda
Saturday 9am
with Belinda

General Yoga classes all include yoga postures, breathwork and meditation techniques to develop mental focus, physical conditioning, self confidence and inner peace.

Each teacher shares their own style. Tes, Jen and Janelle will share breath focused movement and meditation from the Viniyoga Tradition, Mimi will lead an adaptable and enjoyable Vinyasa Flow, Belinda will warmly blend the alignment focus of her Astanga and Iyengar training to provide a solid challenge to her students.  

Suitable for students who have got the hang of the basics and don’t mind a little work,  classes will release stress and leave you feeling strong and calm.

We recommend students who are new to yoga attend Beginners Yoga classes before moving into General Yoga. 

Beginners Yoga

Monday 10:30am with Tes
Monday 6pm with Tes
Thursday 7:15pm 
with Jen
Saturday 8am
with Tes

Beginners Yoga classes move slowly and gently through basic yoga movement, breathing and meditation techniques to set you up with the best foundation on which to build a yoga practice.  

Feel safe and confident as you explore yoga in an environment free of judgement and competition.

With the encouragement and support of patient, kind and friendly teachers, this class is suitable for students who carry chronic pain or restriction of movement as well as those who are new to yoga and need time develop before joining in with other classes.

Pictured: Tes - Beginners Yoga Teacher
5 week beginners yoga course

Move & Meditate Yoga

Monday 9am with Tes
Wednesday 9am
with Tes
Friday 9am
with Tes

A dynamic yet gentle yoga class inspired by the therapeutic Viniyoga tradition, which eases you towards classical yoga postures via flowing movement with the breath.  Safely develop strength and flexibility in the body along with mindfulness and self awareness. 

Class is 75 minutes long.  We tune in with mantra and finish with 20 minutes of guided Meditation to bring deep peace and relaxation.

Suitable for students of all ages, but not suitable for students who have difficulty moving from the floor to standing.

Dru Yoga for Women

Thursday 9am with Jane
Thursday 10:30am
with Jane

Friendly, gentle fitness for body, mind and spirit. Dru Yoga for Women is a nourishing, easy to learn style of yoga that is suitable for everybody. This style of yoga class is especially accessible to more senior ladies, those experiencing chronic illness, recovering from injury or suffering any pronounced restriction of movement. This yoga class is a fabulous community of women joining together in movement and meditation to find their vitality, their health and their ability to be.

Dru Yoga for Women, Seniors Yoga, Yoga for the Elderly.
Pictured: Jane - Dru Yoga Teacher
General Yoga

Rise & Shine Yoga

Monday 6am with Tes
Thursday 6am
with Tes

6am Viniyoga.  A dynamic class that emphasizes starting your day ready for whatever it may bring with a body that’s warm and supple and a mind that’s calm, clear and focused. 

Designed for students who are looking for a consistent early morning practice.  Suitable for anyone who can move through a sun salute, who enjoys early mornings, movement, and a hint of personal development. 

Slow Flow Yoga

Sunday 4pm with Mimi

A slow moving and restful yoga class. Be gently guided through a rejuvenating, alignment focused practice which ends with restorative postures.  You’ll be enlivened by newfound energy flow as you find your pose and surrender to peaceful stillness.  Suitable for students at all stages of their yoga practice who simply need a little time to revive.

Adults Yoga Classes | Relax Yoga
Pictured: Caroline - Stretch & Align Yoga Teacher

Stretch & Align Yoga

Wednesday 6pm with Caroline

A fun and interactive class inspired by the Iyengar Yoga Tradition, with a strong focus on alignment of body and mind. Receive detailed instruction and hands on support to move the body into postures that will build strength and stamina, flexibility and balance, concentration and meditation. This yoga class moves in and out of poses step by step making it great for beginners and students carrying injury. 

Suitable for all students who seek to enhance or restore grace and ease in movement, bringing awareness of the body and mind and to immerse in a place of peace and calm.

Chanting & Yoga Meditation

Saturdays monthly with Tes

The sounds in sanskrit mantras are perfect anchors for an over-active mind trying to meditate.  Soothing, empowering and clarifying.

In this class we explore the simple sounds of the sanskrit alphabet.  We translate and chant a short sanskrit mantra, we learn to apply our mantra as meditation, then move into a group meditation practice.
This class is suitable for anyone willing to make a sound like OM.  Great for people who find meditation difficult or for adventurers who simply seek to deepen their understanding of yoga and meditation.

Class is currently held once a month, do come.

Not just yoga classes, yoga community.

friendly, warm and welcoming

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