Yoga Classes for Kids & Teenagers

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Yoga classes for Kids and Teenagers are an excellent choice of after school activity

Some benefits of yoga are felt immediately, some come with practice over time.  As children develop their yoga practice we see them begin to draw their yoga skills into their everyday life and yoga positive influences their experiences as they grow.

People come to yoga for many reasons. Some of the reasons our parents bring their children to yoga are:

  • To enhance physical development: building core strength and muscle tone, flexibility, balance and coordination in a friendly and non-competitive environment
  • To combat anxiety and depression, stress, emotional outbursts & low self-confidence
  • To improve focus
  • To help them sleep better
  • To build inner strength, resilience and a positive attitude towards life
  • To develop inner peace, stillness and mindfulness which flows outwards as kindness and thoughtfulness towards others
  • To have fun and make great new friends

Our Childrens Yoga Program

Kids Yoga for 8-12 year olds and Teenagers Yoga for 11-17 year olds.

Classes run in 10 week blocks with the State School Term Dates

All classes are held at the Relax Yoga Studio, Milburn St Chermside West

Kids Yoga Classes

Yoga class for children aged 8-12

A fun and engaging class designed to develop a love yoga through stuctured activity and connection interwoven with quiet time and stillness.

Students learn yoga postures to improve core strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination and are gently challenged to reach their potential in a fun and non competitive environment.

Children also learn simple mindfulness, relaxation and breathing techniques which help them a develop their capacity for sustained focus while they connect with their most peaceful and confident self.   

Kids Yoga Classes are a powerful, wholesome activity for kids aged between 8 and 12 who enjoy having fun with great friends.

Kids Yoga is fun and calming, children meditate and focus

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Kids Yoga lessons are Thursdays 4:30 - 5:30pm

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Teenagers Yoga Classes

Yoga Class for high school students

A fantastic class of Pre-Teen and Teen aged kids where every student develops to become a valued member of wholesome community of GREAT friends.  

Yoga enhances positive social and emotional development at what can be a tumultuous time. As we nurture development of a strong sense of self, students develop an invaluable tool box for improved focus, emotional balance and deep relaxation during stressful times.

Through physical practice (yoga postures) students maintain suppleness, mobility and coordination as their bodies rapidly grow. They build self confidence in their physical capabilities and maintain strength of body which becomes also, strength of character.

We aim to develop in this age group a level of self love and self respect that leads to them making empowered choices as they navigate the various pressures of High School.

Suitable for kids aged between 11 and 17 who will thrive in a safe and non-competitive environment where they are gently challenged and held to their true potential.

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Teenagers Yoga lessons are Tuesdays 5:00 - 6:00pm

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Kids and Teens Yoga doesn't always look like the yoga that adults do!

Why Relax Yoga

Tes is the Kids and Teens yoga Teacher at Relax Yoga.  She is a fully qualified Yoga Teachers with comprehensive Post Graduate Training in both Yoga Therapy and Yoga for Children.  

With over 10 years of experience and 3 children of her own, Tes operates from a space of patience and love for the kids, along with kindness and compassion for the whole family.  

She strives to ensure the needs of all her students are met as she programs to provide classes for ALL kids to enjoy.


Q. What should they wear?

A.  As long as they are comfortable and can move freely it doesn’t matter.  Leggings or shorts and a T-shirt are the most common attire.  We practice bare foot so no stockings and skirts please.

Q. What do they need to bring?

A. A yoga mat, and a water bottle. We have everything else they need at the studio.

Q. Can my child join a class when they are not within the age range of that class?

A. It depends on the child. Some children will show signs of being ready for an older class and when they do we will move them up. We understand that it is convenient for siblings to practice together but classes are programmed specifically for the age group lsited.  Children too young may feel left behind and frustrated if they can’t keep up, children older very quickly become bored when the program doesn’t match their maturity. If you feel your child would be better in a different age bracket we are open to discussion.

Q. Can my child start mid-term?

A. Subject to availability of space in the class – YES!

Q. How much does it cost?

Please check the pricing listed with the class descriptions above.

Q. How do I book in?

A. By clicking on the link next to the class descriptions above.

Q. Can I speak with someone before I book?

A. For sure, give Tes a call 0438864490 I’ll be happy to discuss your child’s needs.

Any Questions? Please call Tes:

Kids Yoga

8-12 year olds
$ 162
  • Thursday 4:30pm
  • 9 week term
full fee

Teens Yoga

11-16 year olds
$ 162
  • Tuesday 5:00pm
  • 10 week term
full fee

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