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Beginners Yoga Courses at Relax Yoga, Chermside West


Have you thought about trying Yoga but not sure where to start? 

Can’t touch your toes? 

Worried you won’t be able to keep up? 

Is there pain in your body that’s been stopping you? 

Or a voice in your head that never shuts up? 


Then you definitely should come to Relax Yoga!


5 Week Beginners Yoga Course

Maximum of 10 students
$ 95
00 inc GST
  • Expert small group instruction
  • 5 workshops over 5 consecutive weeks
  • Easy to follow notes for you to take home

Our 5 Week Beginners Yoga Course is a series of interactive workshops designed to introduce you to a safe and beneficial yoga practice.

We take a maximum of 10 students per course… Yep there’s just you and a maximum of 9 other newbies just like you! Throughout the program, we will focus on your specific needs as the group works together through the course curriculum.  

  • Make movement easier by stretching and strengthening your whole body.
  • Relieve anxiety, depression and stress by calming your active mind.
  • Feel safe and comfortable in our friendly peaceful space as you discover a yoga that is right for YOU.
5 week beginners yoga course

Not all yoga classes are the same.

Not all yoga classes are the same. And not all yoga is good for all people. To get the most out of yoga it’s important that you start in a class that’s being instructed for beginners.

Develop an understanding of what you’re doing, what you’re looking for, and what would be beneficial for you.

Start in a class with a teacher who has these specific intentions:

  • To ensure you are introduced to a safe yoga practice
  • To support your individual needs, whether they be needs for modification due to restricted mobility, or need for extra challenge because you’re already strong and supple.
  • To make sure you’re shown the basics slowly and clearly so you have a strong foundation to build upon.
  • To help you develop an understanding of what you’re doing without becoming overwhelmed.
  • To give honest and impartial advice about what type of class would be beneficial as you move forward (and what to avoid!).

Here's how our beginners course looks:

5x 1 hour classes over 5 weeks

Your class day and time will be the same each week

Each class is themed to introduce and explain a different aspect of yoga:

  • Week 1: Stable Foundations
  • Week 2: Yoga Poses 
  • Week 3: Breathing 
  • Week 4: Meditation
  • Week 5: Yoga Philosophy

Each class builds on the last class so that you continually practice and expand your base of familiar poses and techniques.

By the end you are ready to step into regular group yoga classes. 

Beginners Yoga Warrier 1 Pose

Take charge of your mental and physical wellbeing today...

Upcoming Course Dates - 5 Week Beginners Course

10:30 - 11:30 am

Next Course Starts

Saturday 13th July

With Tes

Meet Your Teachers

Tes Steele

“Tes Steele is the founder of Relax Yoga and the Brisbane Yoga Therapy Centre.  An experienced Yoga Teacher and Registered Yoga Therapist.  Tes is passionate about adapting yoga to meet the individual needs of her students so that everyone can use yoga as lifestyle medicine.”

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Jen Cahill

“Jen is an experienced Yoga Teacher trained in the Krishnamacharya tradition with Viniyoga Australia.  Jens goal is to assist students to live their best lives through accessible and joy-filled yoga, regardless of age, background or ability.”


Tes Steele is a Registered Yoga Therapist with Yoga Australia

"There is no pre-requisite condition for starting yoga, one does not need to change anything in order to begin. One must simply start, commit, and practice. With commitment and practice limiting factors begin to fall away."

Dr NC - Physician and Yoga Therapist

What our students say

5 Week Beginners Yoga Course

Maximum of 10 students
$ 95
00 inc GST
  • Expert small group instruction
  • 5 workshops over 5 consecutive weeks
  • Easy to follow notes for you to take home

Because Yoga = change for the better