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Our Relax Yoga studio is an intimate, warm and peaceful space where Seniors, Adults, Kids, Teens and Families together experience true relaxation through Yoga and Mediation.

"We took this old room, battered and bruised, Filled with the scars of how its been used, We stripped back the layers from the walls and the floors, We smoothed over the bumps and we filled open pores. Now bright and shiny our studio stands, Beaming with love that we gave with our hands. Its ready for fun, its ready to heal, Its ready for YOU now, how ever you feel. Perhaps you need a good stretch? Perhaps you want to get strong? Perhaps you just need a place where you feel you belong? Come in for some Yoga! Exclusions are none. Our studio is open and we all work here – as one." - Tes Steele April 2014

New Students

Family Yoga | Relax Yoga

At Relax Yoga, we welcome people of all ages and skill levels, with classes to diverse needs.  While we do offer a 5 week beginners course, you don’t have to do the course to begin – start any time with the class that suits you!

Beginners Yoga Course

Tes Down Dog

Our 5 Week Beginners Yoga Course is a series of interactive workshops designed to introduce you safely to yoga. With a maximum of 12 students per course courses instructors focus on specific needs of individual students as we work together through the course curriculum.  $95-/student.

6am Rise and Shine Yoga


Our 6am Rise and Shine Yoga Program is a movement based style of yoga, perfect for the over active mind.  The program is offered in blocks and commitment to weekly practice is essential.

Our Pricing

Class prices that make it affordable for you to get the most our of your Yoga practice!

Our Classes

Relax Yoga

Beginners, Adults, Seniors, Kids, Teens and Families – which is the class for YOU?

Class Timetable

Reserve your place in any of our regular day to day classes and never miss out!

Our Teachers

Every yoga facilitator offers something unique, sharing their own yoga experience.

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