Yoga can be practiced by everyone

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Some benefits of yoga are felt in a single class
The really good stuff comes with practice over time
and that's what we want for you...

Improve flexibility

Generate muscle tone

Build core strength

Ease aches and pains

Train your mind to focus

Sleep well

Reduce stress levels

Cope better with everyday challenges

Improve outlook on life

Grow inner peace and happiness

Enjoy harmonious relationships

Feel better overall

Joining Yoga classes at Relax Yoga is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1: Check class times and make a plan

These are best quality yoga classes
All designed to support your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing
Lead by well trained and experienced yoga teachers
In friendly groups of up to 12 students

Step 2: Choose a $2.00 Trial option and click through to sign up

Option 1

$2- Up to 2 classes
over 2 weeks

If you love it continue with a

1 class/week Membership

at $17.50/week

Option 2

$2- Up to 4 classes
over 2 weeks

If you love it continue with a

2 class/week Membership

at $30.00/week

Option 3

$2- Unlimited classes
over 2 weeks

If you love it continue with a

Unlimited Membership

at $45.00/week

Step 3: Book your classes and come along!

Classes may be booked via the schedule page at

If you’re unsure which class is best for you give Tes a call: 0438864490

Arrive 5 minutes early to your first class and the teacher will help you settle in.

And that's it! But we understand you may have more questions like these...

Are classes suitable for me if I've never done yoga before?

Yes!  When you get to our online schedule you will see our classes have subtitles that are “Beginner Appropriate” or “Experience Preferred”  Choose a “Beginner Appropriate” session for atleast your first couple of classes.

Are classes suitable for me if I have injuries?

Yes!  There’s no need for you to completely sit yoga out due to lack of mobility.  If you’re not an established student start with classes titled “Beginners Yoga” which have lots of time for modification of postures.  Do let your teacher know about your injuries at the start of each class.

How many classes should I do each week?

Aim to attend atleast one yoga class per week.  Consistency is key to reaping the rewards of yoga practice.  If you can fit more into your schedule you’re welcome to come up to every day.

What's the catch with the $2.00 deal?

The catch is that you have to acknowledge that yoga is a best practiced rather than dabbled in!  So before you do your 2 weeks for 2 dollars we want you to consider a plan that goes beyond the first 2 weeks – we like to see our students reaping those long term benefits.

Please know that we will never lock you into a long term contract longer than 6 weeks.

If you’re uncomfortable with the $2.00 deal check out the flexible pricing options on our website instead.

What if I don’t want to keep coming after my 2 week trial?

No hard feelings we will wish you well!

Just let us know during your first 2 weeks that you want to cancel and you will not be charged.

Can I sign up if I'm alread a Relax Yoga student?

Yes!  Current students are welcome to claim their 2 weeks for $2.00 when they switch onto a membership from a flexipass or change to a different membership option.

One time offer


Our Story

Why Relax Yoga?

We're experienced, flexible and stable

We’ve been proudly serving people of North Brisbane for almost 10 years.

At our Chermside West Studio you can choose from 18 class times per week, 7 different class types with a team of excellent and experienced teachers in a small group environment.

Our people are relatable

At Relax Yoga we’re everyday people teaching yoga to everyday people – parents, children, teachers, nurses, busy professionals, inspired retirees…

Our passion lies in providing a warm friendly and calm space of rest and rejuvination.  We teach yoga to help improve the happiness and wellbeing of our students and their loved ones.

Weather you’re seeking to improve your flexibility, to build strength and stability, to enhance your mental and emotional health,

or just to be held accountable for taking the time to look after yourself

we’re here for you.

Inclusive and Accessable Yoga Classes


We truely don’t mind how strong, flexible, calm or focused you are (or aren’t) when you walk through our doors.

We do our best to present yoga using language and practices that are inclusive and accessable for all to enjoy.

Classes each week
Class Types
Max 12 students

Why Relax Yoga?

Our students say it best


At Relax Yoga our classes are designed to suit students of all ages and physical capabilities. Our teachers are extensively trained in all aspects of Yoga and Meditation, we cap our class sizes so you never get lost in the crowd AND we enter into each practice with a spirit of community, friendship and acceptance.

For a limited time only

2 WEEKS of classes

We look forward to seeing you soon